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v a i h t o p i i r i
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Kirpputori Vaihtopiiri is an online thrift store for Finnish folks + everybody who lives in Finland.

Here you can sell/buy/trade stuff like clothes, books, CD's, LP's, DVD's, magazines, decoration items, toys -- basically everything that can be sent by snailmail (or picked up by yourself).

Once a member of this Kirpputori, you are free to buy & sell, post images of the items you want to sell, request a trade with another member, and also advertise your own handmade items / art / skills / products, etc etc...

You can now search for previous posts by category and/or product from the Memories!

Wanna be a member? It is very simple!
Just send an e-mail to the maintainer --> ruu@kehro.org, give some basic contact info (real name, e-mail, mail address/phone number, the info you feel comfortable with giving, but please note that an e-mail address alone is NOT enough..) about yourself. This little information is needed to make the selling & shopping in here reliable. :)

Non-livejournal people can post here as well, as long as they give me a valid name & contact information of theirs, and use the same name (that could be a nickname) in every anonymous post they write in Kirpputori.

The maintainer of this community is in NO way responsible of the deals done in here.

As soon as your membership has been accepted (this will happen within three days once you've submitted your contact info to the maintainer), you can start posting in the community, and replying to the posts of others. :)